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8 Dual Air-Max units turning over

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Reservoirs, Water Towers, and other drinking water applications.

Residential and Commercial Water Features

Floating Fountains


45 Models of Floating Lake Fountains & Aerators
Floating Pumps for Large Streams & Waterfalls
90 Models of Fiberglass Fountain Ponds
Animation and Musical Choreography
Pumps and Underwater Lights
Nozzles and Spray Rings
Commercial Grade Pond Liner

Build your fountain from components or have us prefabricate and ship it:

Architectural & Floating Fountains, Fountain DesignPrefab ponds & systems in sizes from two to over thirty feet
Architectural & Floating Fountains, Fountain DesignLake fountains with sprays from ten to over one hundred feet

We have two decades of design experience with which to serve you.
Call 1-800-563-5628 for the following catalogs and videos:

Architectural  Fountain

Architectural & Floating Fountains, Fountain Design
Fiberglass Pond Catalog
- that including ponds, cascades, waterfalls and our Exclusive Modular Pools
Architectural & Floating Fountains, Fountain DesignFountain Kits - Complete components sets for popular small projects
Architectural & Floating Fountains, Fountain DesignFountain Gallery -Forty pictures of small and medium projects
Architectural & Floating Fountains, Fountain DesignGeneral Catalog - Products and services of Custom Fountains

Architectural & Floating Fountains, Fountain Design
Floating Fountains- 45 standard models of lake fountains & custom designs
Architectural & Floating Fountains, Fountain DesignFloating Pump Systems- A modular solution to large waterfall design.
Architectural & Floating Fountains, Fountain DesignAir-Max Aerator - Our low cost lake aerator

Architectural Fountains

This "Lobby Fountain" started it's design with the stainless steel center piece. When the Architect decided to incorporate the center piece into a fountain, they contacted Custom Fountains. With our help and design guidance, the finished fountain (left) truly became a work of art. The center cone and two of the leaves incorporate water activity.

When the staff of "Ohio Valley College" first contacted us, they had no real idea of what they were looking for. After many phone calls and several visits to our facility, they decided on the fountain pictured (right). The fountain is complete with a fiberglass pool, submersible pumps and lights. The "Cascade" nozzles provide heavily aerated and highly visible plumes of water.

Upon completion the fountain immediately became a focal point on campus.

The "Nemacolin Woodlands Resort" fountain (left) started out as a single nozzle in a thirty feet square pool. After several meetings the other nozzles were added for a much grander entrance. There are two identical fountains which can be viewed from the main lobby. One located in front of the "Falling Rock" resort and one located at the back of the resort.

After completion the town of Uniontown PA. constructed a scaled down version in the center of town.

Play fountains are becoming a very popular design. Designed with submersible pumps, this flush mounted patio fountain provides hours of enjoyment.

Even if you don't get wet.

Located in "Piqua" Ohio this fountain consists of a center cascade nozzle and seven frothy nozzles. The nozzles are powered using submersible pumps, and accented at night with underwater lights.

About Custom Fountains Inc.

We believe a good design is based on sound engineering practice. Inspiration is moderated by experience to produce solutions that are not only unique and beautiful, but also functional and reliable. These combine to prove themselves in the initial design, and for years to come.

Incorporated in 1983, Custom Fountains is Ohio's largest supplier of fountains, and is a distributor of world-class components from the most highly regarded names in the industry. Custom Fountains is regularly called upon by architects, developers, landscape firms, and home owners to bring them reliable state-of-the-art solutions.

Custom Fountains is a member of the N.F.I.B.and the US Chamber of Commerce.
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Special Design and Engineering Services

Music and animation can be added to you fountain.

musical animated fountain

Design and Engineering Services

Each of our engineers have an average of twenty years of experience in the design of water features. Additional staff members in design, field supervision, and service combine their years of experience to produce fountain systems that are well conceived and properly implemented. Prefabricated commercial projects are supplied with system schematics and operation manuals.
From Artists rendering (left) Custom Fountains utilizes 2D computer aided drafting (right) "CAD" and 3D rendering to bring your project ideas to life. This allows designs to be considered before fabrication of your fountain begins. When the site already exists, we can work from photos or consumer video tape formats, ( CD, DVD),and place an operating fountain on your property. Designs can then be returned in any of these formats for family or board room review. Once the designs are completed we enhance them
with Component modeling (left) and completed 3D Renderings (right). Once you (the client) are happy with the results we begin fabrication.

When all of the pieces are fabricated, they are transported to the job site and assembled. During the assembly process the pumps, lights, drains, and electrical connections are installed. Upon completion the fountain is tested for proper operation (below).

Whatever your challenge may be, Custom Fountains can help you turn your idea into the fountain of your dreams.

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General Products

Floating Fountains
Fiberglass Ponds
Pond Liner
Electronic Controls

Fiberglass Ponds

"If you only want to do it once -use fiberglass !"

Custom Fountains now offer our Exclusive "Modular Pieced Fiberglass pools" to create your very own design at a FRACTION of what a custom pond would cost!. Standard round ponds up to 30 feet in diameter. So make sure that you check out our Fiberglass pool section.


Easy Installation
Fiberglass ponds are self-supporting even when full of water. Installation can be as simple as setting the rigid pool on the ground and surrounding it with rock or block. In-ground installations are straight forward and reliable.

Professional Appearance
Unlike blow molded plastic ponds, careful grading and back fill is not required for the pond to hold its shape when filled. Rocks may be used to provide a natural appearance around a pool edge or on top of a cascade, without sagging, cracking or collapse. Fittings for pipe or electric conduit can be made an integral part of the pond.

Durable Operation and Lifetime Warranty
Fiberglass ponds are safe for fish and plants and may remain filled in winter. The smooth surface is easy to clean with a cloth and water. We provide a lifetime warranty against leaking or cracking under normal use to the original residential customer.


Liners may also be used to make ponds, waterfalls, and streams. We offer commercial grade rubber liners in .045 and .060 thickness. These materials resist puncture and remain flexible in freezing conditions. Unlike plastic liners, a special blanket or sand base is not required.


Custom Fountains stocks hundreds of pump, nozzle, and lighting components. In addition to our own products we are a distributor for dozens of national and international fountain component manufacturers. This variety allows us to supply exactly the right equipment for your project. Equipment with a proven track record, whether you intend to build a small indoor fountain or fifty foot wide rapids.

Electronic Controls

We produce a full line of fountain controls ranging from simple level controls and wind speed units, through sophisticated animation systems that can choreograph hundreds of lighting and water channels to music.
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Floating Fountains and Aerators for Ponds and Lakes

Custom Fountains is a leader in the design and installation of floating fountains. Our experience in this field enables us to provide reliable products of superior value:


With over forty standard models in a variety of spray patterns and lighting configurations, we have a wide variety of attractive products with practical features. Rugged foam filled fiberglass flotation, in a natural green low-profile design. Operation in 20 inches of water for most models, 48 inches for models 5 hp and larger. Hand adjustable control valves, plus adjustable swivel nozzles on many models, allow a single fountain to produce many patterns and adapt their shape to smaller lakes.


Minimum power is required to produce a desired pattern. Pumps, nozzles, and manifolds are matched to each application.


Maintenance is a topic avoided in most sales literature. We consider it one of our greatest strengths and have many exclusive design advantages developed from years of field service:

Architectural & Floating Fountains, Fountain DesignOur flat bottom design permits easy slide in installation, protecting cables from damage.
Architectural & Floating Fountains, Fountain DesignTop access allows components to be cleaned without removing the unit from the water.
Architectural & Floating Fountains, Fountain DesignLights may be lifted off for relamping without removing bolts that can fall overboard.
Architectural & Floating Fountains, Fountain DesignOur "Bright-light" Jet Spray System continuously washes sediment from fixture lenses.
Architectural & Floating Fountains, Fountain DesignComponent cables on the float are shielded for protection against muskrats and turtles.
Architectural & Floating Fountains, Fountain DesignFour season operation - Winter operation clears ice to provide a safe haven for waterfowls (consult factory).
Architectural & Floating Fountains, Fountain DesignNot just interchangeable nozzles, but dozens of different patterns from our spray ring designs.
Architectural & Floating Fountains, Fountain DesignOur fiberglass floats provide excellent stability and maintain a low-profile with the waterline.

Architectural & Floating Fountains, Fountain DesignPumps are UL listed and designed for continuous duty operation, and include stainless steel intake screens and thermal overload protection. 120 and 230 Volt models are available.
Architectural & Floating Fountains, Fountain DesignLight fixtures are UL listed,and feature our exclusive "Bright-Light" Jet Spray System and cable shields. Each model includes a standard power cable that remains flexible in freezing conditions. Longer cable lengths are optional and may require a larger wire gauge.
Architectural & Floating Fountains, Fountain DesignCustom Fountains can provide a full range of timer, photoelectric, wind, and computer based controls, allowing "well behaved" operation and programmed water and color blending.

With the largest selection of fountain components in Ohio and its surrounding states, and a staff of knowledgeable sales people, designers, and engineers, Custom Fountains has the right materials and experience to make your project a success.
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