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A good aeration system is designed to operate 24 hours a day, and 365 days a year. Older established ponds can have excessive amounts of decaying organic material that release toxic gases. These gases are detrimental to the health of your pond and fish by depleting the oxygen level in the water. These gases also produce an environment of oxygen starved water that insects and algae can thrive in. These gases can also be a problem during the winter as your pond freezes over the gases become trapped under the ice, therefore starving the water of oxygen. A floating unit that operates all year is your best defense against the fore mentioned problems.
With that we proudly introduce our Air Max™ unit

Effective aeration is not a factor of how many gallons per hour that is moved, but rather how the movement effects the total volume of your pond. Other units fail to be effective by only churning water on the surface, and they can be extremely noisy. In comparison, the Air-Max’ intake is located deep below the surface, which provides quiet operation, and aids in the break up of thermal stratification in your pond. This increased circulation helps release the toxic gases, while increasing the oxygen level in the water.

The difference is truly amazing.

The Air-Max™ depicted above has a standard nozzle, and a 1/2 HP motor. This produces a 45 ft diameter spray pattern, and pulls water from deep below the surface,
allowing for proper aeration and circulation throughout your pond.
Other units, depicted below that pull their water from the top 1 or 2 feet, and having a 8 to 10 ft diameter spray pattern, do not provide proper circulation and aeration to your pond.
Providing you with the best value for your dollar is our concern as well as yours. The effectiveness of our Air Max with the standard nozzle and 1/2 horse power motor, provides better aeration and is more energy efficient than most other systems using 2, 3, or even 5 horsepower motors. The energy savings alone, puts the Air-Max™ in a class above the competitions unit.

The Amazing Difference

Our 1/2 horsepower Air Max™ operating 24/7 will average, $450.00 in annual electric charges, depending upon your local kwh cost. When compared to the operating cost of larger motors on other units, utility charges alone will be many times that of our Air Max™. It is painfully obvious for competitors that our Air Max™ unit is far superior to any unit they currently produce. Custom Fountains has been selling the Air Max™ for over a DECADE. With that much time and experience, we are proud to provide you with a product of quality, innovation, and energy efficient.
The Air-Max™ easily converts to a Sub-Surface Aerator
For the ultimate in aeration efficiency the Air Max/S™ is used. Homogenized air and water under pressure create opposing air entrained currents and is the superior choice in pond aeration. The Chart below indicates how different our Air Max/S™ is in relation to a typical noisy, and inefficient on shore compressor unit using a diffuser plate.

Air-Max/S Aspirating Pond Aerator Aspirating nozzle

Above: The Air-Max/S™, shows its intake located near the bottom of your pond. The colder, oxygen starved water is sucked in, mixed with air, then the entrained air is expelled in opposing currents. These streams create a current, which goes out 40+ feet and is then pulled back toward the bottom of the pond by the intake system. This large volume of water provides very effective turnover rates in your body of water.
Below: The noisy shore mounted compressor, pumps air to the diffuser, which then generates an air and water current toward the surface . These noisy units can provide added aeration in the water, but may take a long time before you see any results.
You should never use a bottom diffuser system in an emergency situation.

Now that we have covered some aeration basics, let us look at some of the additional benefits of the Air-Max™ pond aeration system. Should you choose to purchase our Air Max™ with lights, it will become a fish feeder by attracting insects to the lights, where the spray pattern knocks them to the waters surface. This will keep those summer evenings next to the pond more visually pleasing, and pleasant for all to enjoy.
Finally, you have the option of a fountain with the above surface spray pattern, or the Air-Max/S™ with the subsurface aeration nozzle. The “Dual Air-Max™” is available in a 1HP model which not only has an above surface fountain spray, but also has the below surface aeration nozzle, operating at the same time. No need to physically change the nozzles. The Dual Air Max is truly a masterpiece of innovation, and practicality in the concept of aeration.

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