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"A - B" Series

Floating Fountains produce a Single column of water varying in diameter and height. The "A" series uses either an aerator or smooth bore nozzle, while the "B" series uses a cluster nozzle which will produce a larger column of water.

A Series:

In capacities from 1/3 to 15 hp, they use either aerator or smooth bore nozzles to produce a plume of water.

Aerator nozzles mix air with the flow of water. The entrained air bubbles cause the water to have a full appearance. Nozzles and manifolds are of copper and brass construction, and include a valve to adjust the pattern height.

A 1 hp model can achieve heights ranging from 10 to 20 feet, depending upon the aerator nozzle used.

The larger members of this series use a smooth bore nozzle under high pressure to generate a pattern up 100 feet. These models are available with animation and wind control units.


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B Series:

Cluster jets loft a wide column of water, with either 33 or 55 individual clear streams of water. These streams are excellent conductors of light from underwater light fixtures. Special designs can be ordered to meet specific height or horsepower requirements.

The model B5 uses a triple cluster jet nozzle, which has three 55 cluster nozzles to produce a massive eight inch wide column of water.

Available in 3/4 hp to 5 hp models, and going from 18 feet to 40 feet high.

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