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Commercial Fountains

Display FountainIncorporated in 1983, Custom Fountains is Ohio's largest supplier of fountains. We are distributors of world-class components from the most highly regarded names in the industry. Custom Fountains is regularly called upon by architects, developers, landscape firms, and home owners to bring them reliable state-of-the-art solutions. Call 1-800-563-5628 to discuss your fountain needs. We will be happy to assist you.





We can supply you with the right parts for your commercial projects.


Each project is thoroughly checked out for its design content. We see designs all the time that look great on paper, but just will not perform the way that they were designed. One project we were recently called on to fix, was a simple waterfall. This waterfall was 18' wide with a fairly heavy water flow. The problem the customer was having, their pumps kept burning out. After some investigation we discovered the design had called for TWO 10HP pumps and motors. We were amazed !! These two motors were then put into a pump pit about 4'x4'x4' with poor ventilation. No wonder they kept overheating and burning themselves out. Then to top it all off they had the valves to the pumps turned down, so that they were not even using the capacity of the pumps. After talking with the customer it was decided that one pump should be shut down, and the other should be ran full open. The end result was the waterfall had slightly less water flow, but nothing that was objectionable. We also reduced their electrical consumption by half. But if we had helped them in the design of this water fall, the same effect could have been achieved with one 5 to 7.5HP motor, no pump pit, and year round operation. Needless to say we could have saved them a lot of money. Not only in the start up construction costs, but also operation and maintenance costs.

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