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Custom Fountains is a leader in the design and supplier of floating fountains. In addition to our own line of floating fountains we also sell and service OASE products. With years of experience in this field, this enables us to provide reliable products of superior value.
  • Design -With over forty standard models of floating fountains in a variety of spray patterns and lighting configurations. We have a wide variety of attractive products with practical features.
  • Rugged foam filled fiberglass floatation, in a
    natural green low-profile design.
  • Floating fountains operate in 20 inches of water for most models, 48 inches for models 5 hp and larger.
  • Hand adjustable control valves, plus adjustable swivel nozzles on many models, allow a single floating fountain to produce many patterns and adapt their shape to smaller lakes.
  • Heavy duty foam filled polyethylene float body
  • Pond Jet - Operates in as little as 17" of water
  • Mini - Operates in as little as 3' of water .
  • Midi - Operates in as little as 4' of water .
  • Maxi - Operates in as little as 5' of water.
  • Eight easily interchangeable nozzles - Fixed water pattern
CFI Fountain
Oase Fountain
  • Efficiency - Minimum power is required to produce a desired pattern.
  • Pumps, nozzles, and manifolds are matched to each application.



  • Maintenance is a topic avoided in most sales literature. We consider it one of our greatest strengths --exclusive design advantages developed from years of field service.
  • Our floating fountains have a flat bottom design. Which permits easy slide in installation, protecting cables from damage.
  • Low Profile Design provides excellent stability.
  • Top access allows components to be cleaned, without removing the floating fountain from the water.
  • Lights may be lifted off for relamping without removing the bolts that can fall overboard.
  • Lights - 7 Different colors available
  • Our "Bright-light" Jet Spray System continuously washes sediment from fixture lenses.
  • On-float component cables are shielded for protection against muskrats and turtles.
  • Comes fully assembled ready to install.
  • Four season operation - Winter operation clears ice to provide a safe haven for waterfowl and aeration for fish. Consult us for operation and warranty details.

CFI Fountain


  • Custom Crafted Nozzles - easy to remove - Molded polypropylene, PVC and brass.
  • Can hold up to nine lights - Seven different colors available
  • UL Listed Command Center included - includes Ground Fault Circuit Protection - 24 Hour Timers - Solid State Contractors - Optional color blender.
  • Unique design goes beyond circulation .
  • Foam filled Float Assembly.
  • UV resistant polyethylene float with molded brass inserts.
Oase Fountain



  • Our fiberglass floats provide excellent stability and maintain a low-profile with the waterline.
  • Nozzles and spray rings are of brass and copper and generate a variety of water patterns.
  • UL Listed Pumps are designed for continuous duty operation, and include stainless steel intake screens and thermal overload protection. 120 and 230 Volt models are available ( Some models use Franklin Stainless Steel motors ).
  • Light fixtures are UL listed, and feature our exclusive "Bright-Light" Jet Spray System and cable shields. Each model includes a standard power cable (50') that remains flexible in freezing conditions. Longer cable lengths are optional and may require a larger wire gauge.
  • Custom Fountains can provide a full range of timer, photoelectric, single stage and dual stage wind control systems for your floating fountain. Allowing "well behaved" operation and programmed water and color blending.
CFI Components


  • Eight interchangeable nozzles - Easy to remove - Molded polypropylene, PVC, and brass
  • UL Listed Franklin "Super Stainless" Steel Motor with stainless steel filtration screen
  • Stainless steel thermal induction sleeve.
  • Stainless steel command center cabinet.
  • Thermal protection.
  • Oil free motor design
  • Large 400 Sq. in filter intake
Oase Pump - Nozzle



Floating Fountains are assembled and tested before shipment and are guaranteed against defects in workmanship and material for a period of one year. The warranty does not cover lamps, cable splicing, operation at incorrect voltage, or failure due to lack of maintenance (i.e. cleaning). If a part should fail through normal use, it may be returned with a copy of the invoice for repair or replacement. Labor to remove and replace components is not included.


3 year warranty on float assembly 1 year on pump

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