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Floating Pond and Lake Fountains will add beauty and elegance to your landscaping. Everyone loves the sight and sound of water. lake fountain G4 It is very relaxing to sit at waters edge and listen to the gentle sound of water. Your floating fountain will also be a source of aeration for your pond or lake.

We have models ranging from 1/4HP to 15HP. So whether you are looking for a small fountain for your pond, or a LARGE aerator for your lake. We have a model to fit your needs.

animated floating fountainWe can add lights and animation to our floating fountains, for a spectacular nighttime show.....

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With so many models, the biggest problem is deciding which one to choose.

We are a supplier of floating fountains, pond and lake aerators as well as architectural and residential water features. Our goal is to produce a product that is not only unique and beautiful, but also functional and reliable. Incorporated in 1983, Custom Fountains Inc. is the largest fountain supplier in Ohio. We supply our own Fiberglass Pools in diameters up to 30 feet, as well as many freeform and custom shapes. We are distributors of world-class components from the most highly regarded names in the industry. Custom Fountains Inc. is regularly called upon by architects, developers, landscape firms, and home owners to bring them reliable state of the art solutions.

Our flat bottom - floating fountain / aerators arrive completely assembled. Ready to be connected to your power source and slide into your pond or lake.

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