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Fountain Lights

LightWe have many different styles of under water lighting. Ranging from small 12Volt pen lights, up to large commercial lights.

Light Lights will add hours of additional enjoyment to your fountain. So depending on your lighting requirements, we have a light to meet your needs. A lot of people prefer low voltage for home use. But in a lot of instances you can't get lightenough light out of your low voltage light. You would then use a line voltage or 120Volts to light you fountain. As with all ELECTRIC in contact with water, lightit must be protected by a GFCI circuit interrupt.

These are just a few pictures of the underwater lights that we have available. Call us at

1-800-563-5628 to discuss your needs..

Fountain Pumps

pumpsA pump, is a pump, is a pump, right, WRONG ! When it comes to fountains, each nozzle, spray ring, or jet, has a specific requirement. When sizing a pump you have to know what end result you are looking for. If you want a trickle of water, or Niagara falls. A column of Infinity pumpwater going 6 inches high or 6 feet high. You can use something as simple as the infinity, which is a complete, pump, filter and nozzle. Or your fountain may have a more complex system of rings, jets, and nozzles.

Either way, we have a pump that will meet your requirements.

Fountain Nozzles

NozzlesWith so many models to choose from, Nozzlesyou first have to decide what type of water pattern you are looking for. We have nozzles starting at around $ 10.00 and going up from there. Brass, copper, and composite materials are used in the construction of the different types of nozzles. We can supply you with a nozzle that will meet your NEEDS and BUDGET.



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