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Wind Control

Everyone wants to operate their fountain higher than recommenced. The problem is that water has the ability to splash, the distance that it falls. This holds true to around eight feet. Now add wind into the factor and you have water going everywhere. When we first installed the fountain pictured to the right, the wind control system had not been installed. Wind Control UnitThe fountain ran at full operating height, until the owners of the building received a call from the police. They informed them that their new fountain was giving people free car washes as they drove by their location. They were ordered to shut the fountain down. Once they completed the installation of their dual stage wind control system, the fountain behaved in a controlled fashion. When the wind would reach a preset point (which is variable) the fountains height is reduced by opening a relief valve located on the float. Then once the wind would reach the second variable preset the fountain would automatically shut off. The fountain will remain off until the wind stays below the second stage preset for 40 seconds, at which time the fountain will return to normal operation. As you can imagine, depending on your location and the amount of wind. Your fountain may operate at a reduced height, of off for extended periods of time.

Wind Controled Fountain

Dual Stage
Wind Control
(Single Stage and Three Stage also available)

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